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The Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) offers the Master Course Environmental Planning which is taught in English and attended by international as well as German students. The study project “Social acceptance: Gone with the wind?” took place in the summer term 2016 within this programm. Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel and M.Sc. Lisa Odparlik from the Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group supervised the project. The course dealt with the research question of social acceptance of wind energy, addressing this issue by analysing promoting and opposing factors of challenging wind energy development.

The Regional Planning Office Havelland-Fläming offered the project a cooperation. It was planning to repeat in selected municiplities in Havelland-Fläming a questionnaire survey which had been carried out ten years ago. The Regional Planning Office agreed with the study project that the students would take on the task of reviewing the former questionnaire, conducting the survey and assessing the results. The project likes to thank the Regional Planning Office for offering this great opportunity.

The students project also likes to thank Major Andreas Claus from the municipality Uebigau-Wahrenbrück for supporting a survey in his municipality. Further we like to thank the “Ortsversteher” in Havelland-Fläming. Without them the collection of the questionnaire would have been much more challenging, and last but not least the participants on the survey.

Fig. 1: Team of students and lecturers. Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel (left), MSc. Lisa Odparlik (right). Photo: R. Camargo

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