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Evelyn, Anna

Niederlausitz Aktuell und Lausitzer Rundschau

The analysis shows that the mood of the relevant local newspaper for the two sub-regions is quite different. The mood in the sub-region Lausitz-Spreewald is pro wind energy. The newspapers report about wind energy mainly from the viewpoint of its contribution to economic growth, creation of jobs, as investment opportunities for the municipalities or even citizens. A farmers association reports how essential the turbines are for their income generation. There are rather neutral reports informing about new permits or designated areas for turbines or how municipalities argue in front of courts for their rights to give construction permits. . The newspaper is used by the investors and wind park developers to announce the opening of a new wind parks and to invited the citizens to an information event. A renewable energy fair held in the region is announced. It is also discussed that the grid is not strong enough to transport the generated energy. Further the topic of higher energy prices due to the renewables is discussed. Citizens are against these higher prices. One articles states that the negative effects of coal mining are much higher than any effect of the turbines. Negative effects on wildlife are not discussed at all.

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