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Evelyn, Anna

Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

The Potsdamer Neuste Nachrichten reports rather neutrally about wind energy. A main focus in most articles deals with the legal framework. A positive attitude towards renewable energies in general is presented. The newspaper reports frequently about the regional plan for the region Havelland-Fläming. Advantages of a regional plan such as planning security for all involved stakeholders and control over the number, hight and distance of wind turbines under construction are mentioned. In some articles the regional planning authorities are even considered as possible institution for solving conflicts between locals and investors. Repeatedly reports about lawsuits dealing with the legality of the regional plan and areas suitable for wind farms (Windeignungsgebiete) are published. These claims are stated from both supporters and opponents. The newspaper reports about possible negative factors like hazards to heath, environmental threats and the risk of fire in the forest, but keeps a neutral position. It is left open to the reader to interpret these factors. The NIMBY (not in my backyard) phenomenon is treated repeatedly in articles with varying contexts. Wind energy is considered to be able to contribute to job creation in the region and structural development. However, currently inhabitants of structurally weak regions have few opportunities to participate in the economic advantages from the wind turbines. The newspaper does rather report on a meta level and presents analysis. Arguments are well balanced. The general tendency is to quote political figures from federal level and relevant associations.

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