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Comparison of rural and urban area results

Rural and urban areas: Is there a difference in perception towards wind energy?

In the following section, the findings of the surveys conducted in the rural areas of Havelland-Fläming and Uebigau-Wahrenbrück are compared to the results of the urban area of Potsdam. All questions that were the same or comparable in each of the questionnaires from the urban as well as from the rural areas charted, described and discussed on a small scale.

The survey about the local residents’ acceptance towards wind energy development in the two areas “Dahme/Mark” and “Niederer Fläming” was conducted with the background of an forerunner study from 2005 which analysed the residents’ attitude towards the local wind energy development in the Havelland, Potsdam-Mittelmark and the Fläming. Consequently, this posed an incentive for a current survey with the aim to assess and analyze whether the social acceptance of wind turbines has changed over the last 10 years.

Moreover, the research question arose and is assessed here, if there are differences in residents’ perception in comparison to other municipalities or regions in Brandenburg, which differ in historical and structural characteristics. Thus, the urban area Potsdam was consulted as well, by considering the question whether city dwellers might tend to be more open towards the local wind energy development in Brandenburg.

Assessment of the case study hypotheses

In the second part of this section, five comparative hypotheses were developed, compiled for both surveys in the rural and urban areas. They are assessed in the following chapter, based on the key findings in both survey areas.

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