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In this section the overall results of the survey in the rural areas “Havelland-Fläming” with the municipalities “Dahme/Mark” and “Niederer Fläming” and the municipality “Uebigau-Wahrenbrück” in the rural area “Lausitz-Spreewald” are presented.

Frequency analysis and qualitative analysis

For information of the frequency analysis of the survey in the rural areas, please click here. With regard to the overall return rates, 166 out of 539 distributed questionaires were returned after the data collecting period in summer 2016, representing a response rate of approximately 30%. From Dahme/Mark 100 questionnaires (31,7% response rate) were received while from Niederer Fläming there were 66 (29,4% response rate).

From Uebigau-Wahrenbrück only 21 questionnaires out of 217 distributed were returned during the collection period, therefore the data was considered neither statistically significant (< 30) nor reliable enough for proceeding with further analysis. Additional 25 answers were returned one month after the data collection period, however they could not be considered in the results presented in this report.

Statistical analysis

The basic statistical analysis of the rural survey can be obtained here. In order to be able to still value the results from Uebigau-Wahrenbrück and obtain statistically significant results, these were combined with the results of the other two rural municipalities. Consequently, the subsampling and correlation analyses are mainly covering the joint overall results together with the results of Dahme/Mark and Niederer Fläming.

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