Master of Environmental Planning at TU Berlin

The Master of Environmental Planning (MEP) program at TU Berlin is designed to provide the knowledge and capacity to deal with the current and future challenges the rapid development of our environment poses. Started in 2009 it is the only international and English speaking environmental planning program in Germany.

With students coming to the program from all over Germany and many countries of the world we want to provide the information necessary for a good start into the program. Therefore this MEP-Wiki shall be a pool of all relevant information and resources from „where to get a coffee“ to „whom to contact for information on programs for studies abroad“ and much more. We welcome and strongly encourage additions and edits from students, alumni, faculty, and staff involved in the program to constantly improve and enlarge the information provided here.

First information for new MEP students

Studying Environmental Planning

Internships and studies abroad

Here you can find following information on Internships and studies abroad:

Resources on professional networks

Career Information

Other TU Berlin Wikis

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