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Job postings for student research or teaching positions are listed on the website of the "Personalrat der studentischen Beschäftigten". Besides that you can look at the chairs websites if they have open positions or ask professors directly. In general there are two types of student jobs at the chairs, the first is teaching assistants who are involved in preparing classes mainly in the undergraduate programs and the other is research assistants who are involved in third-party funded research projects and tasks depend on the specific project.

You can find information on ongoing research projects on the websites of the environmental planning chairs, e.g. for environmental impact assessment at

Favorite Environmental Planning Job Search Websites

Employers of MEP Graduates

PhD-Programs & Resources

Following the Bachelor and Master degree, the doctoral dissertation and its oral defense in an academic discussion lead to the conferral of a doctoral degree. In Germany (as elsewhere) the first and most important condition for admission as a doctoral candidate is academic excellence in combination with a keen interest in research work. In addition a degree equivalent to a German Master, Magister or Diplom is required. In contrast to other universities (especially in the United States or the United Kingdom) doctoral education is free of charge in Berlin. Candidates who are not employed at the university should register as doctoral students, thus being formally linked to the university and receiving free public transport for a small administrative fee. However, the registration as a doctoral student does not lead to automatic admission as a doctoral candidate – this process lies in the responsibility of each school and is conducted separately. The Regulations Governing the Conferring of Doctorates at the Technische Universität Berlin – Berlin Institute of Technology provide details of the relevant procedures on the way to a doctorate and should be read carefully.

Existing PhD-programs at TU Berlin related to the field of environmental planning and with involvement of one of the chairs of environmental planning are for example:

Examples for organizations providing scholarships for PhD-Projects related to environmental planning are for example:

The following links provide further information:

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