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 === How to submit a paper or poster to a conference === === How to submit a paper or poster to a conference ===
 +A student project with the topic Bayesian Networks in Environmental Planning resulted in the winter term 2013/14 in submitting an abstract for an oral presentation at the [[|International Symposium on Society and Resource Management]].
 +Our subgroup was researching the influencing factors in German wind energy siting, a field that seemed to be adequate for the conference. The ISSRM Theme in June 2014 was “challenges of Urban and Rural Transformation” and we tried to participate in the session´Spatial implications of renewable energy siting´. 
 +The submitting process was realised online: We had to give in an abstract with no more than 750 words, shortly summarizing our work. In the abstract we introduced ourselves, described our study and purpose, research question, methods, results, a part of the discussion and our conclusions. After finding an “catchy” title we uploaded our abstract. A few weeks later we have been pleased to be informed that it has been accepted and we have the chance to attend the conference in Hannover.
 === MEP student reports from conference participation === === MEP student reports from conference participation ===
 +We arrived at the [[|ISSRM]] the day before our presentation. After our registration we participated in very interesting sessions. Due to the variety of topics one could choose,  according to his/her field of interest, between parallel proceeding events. All organized sessions had a timeframe of two hours with mostly six presentations.
 +There has been an enlivened professional exchange and discussions between the international scientific world of natural resource management, social sciences and environmental planning. We had the chance to experience new scientific impulses, results, approaches and fields of research. The discussion and communication after our own presentation gave the chance to evaluate our own project and to get new ideas, but also encouraged others to consider the application of the presented method. 
 +Furthermore, distinguished key note speakers presented their work, field trips gave the opportunity to get to know Hannover. Workshops connected the participants among themselves and with international applied tools and approaches. 
 +The Conference was well organised. Participants had the chance to explore the different topics and the local university on their own, with a personalized schedule. It was a great experience to get insights on scientific meetings, but also to create new ideas, expand ones personal network and to improve or trust your own abilities.
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